♡ My Birthday 2014 (with HunnyBear) late post ♡

3:11 PM

My birthday is on a day in which everyone usually spends time with their families, so although Kevin and I have been together for almost 7 years, we haven't really celebrated my birthday many times. However this year, he decided to surprise me with a small celebration of our own, a week before the actual day of (because we're all busy).

Amongst all the fun things we did that day, taking purikura, eating at a small sushi boat restaurant & going to a bookstore were the most nostalgic things/highlights of my day. 


Ever since Kevin and I have been together (many many years now..) we have been frequenting this shop in San Francisco's Japantown that has Japanese purikura booths!! The shop is called Pika Pika if anyone ever wants to go have a little fun.

This is the turnout from our last visit. I wish I could show you all our old ones, but THEY WERE STOLEN TT ^ TT so I can't, unfortunately. I miss them so much. 

I super like how they turned out and before, I used to decorate them profusely. Now I like to leave them more simple and Kevin was the one who decorated almost everything (including my crown and glasses lol). He's so cute for wanting to deco it up (^ω^)

Here are just additional shots of them

The machines really enlarge your eyes. Here's how we looked that day without any puri treatment hehehe 

Lol BB was whistling. He's so precious to me. I couldn't be more happy with him!! 


There's a sushi boat restaurant called Isobune in San Francisco that claims it's the first of it's kind in America. I dunno about all that, but it serves really delicious sushi. The sashimi is always creamy and melts in your mouth. So delicious. We had to wait for a looooooooong time to get our seats, but it's ALWAYS well worth it. 


This place has a special spot in my heart because Kevin is an avid reader of manga and we have been coming here together for the past 7 years (Kevin alone, probably way longer). He reads in Japanese so we come here to pick up the latest issues. 

I like to get the fashion and beauty magazines :3 These are the two I got this time around: 

Really love the winter looks that are in here. Wish I lived in Japan right about now hahaha ^_~ Such cute winter fashions! Another thing that really impresses me, is that Japanese magazines like Vivi and Ray release their issues really early. For example, we celebrated my day in the last week of December and the February issues were already out and on display for purchase! As you can see, I purchased the December and January issues. They're about $15+ for the newest issues and $8-10 for the older ones.

*     *     *

Thanks for reading about my day and hope you have a beautiful week dollies <3

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  1. Awwwww Are you a christmas babie? KEvin is soooo sweet, you 2 make such a cute couple!! and wow at 7 years! DEdication and true love!! <3

    xoxo, Mango ❤
    MangoRabbitRabbit's Blog | GEO Eyes Cream Lenses Review

    1. I'm actually a New Year baby Love Bunnie :P We celebrated earlier!! Thanks so much heheheh, we are like an old married couple XD pahahaha

  2. Your photos are so cute naww! I took those photos with my friend in Melbourne and they enhanced our eyes too!

    Waiting a long time to get to your seats... man i know how that feels...

  3. ohh cindy sist! too bad that I didn't know ur b'day:( Happy birthday!! I know it was too late but I think its better than never hahahahaa tonzzz of loves send to yuu♥♥

    1. Aaaaaaaah WayuSissy, thank you thank you!!~ Hehehehe Love you so much!!~~

  4. Aww you two are such cute couples!! I love taking sticker photos because they make you look so doll like! You look soo pretty in them, the only thing is that it makes guys look feminine as well hehe ;P
    Happy belated birthday, reading japanese magazines are my favourite things to do too, i bought that Ray magazine and they have the best clothes inspirations!!


    1. Hahah yeah the guys' eyes turn out girly too! hahahaha so funny :P Thanks so much sweetie, Happy Belated New Year and Happy CNY if you celebrate!!~


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