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Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening Lovelies ✿,

Yesterday Tubbie and I made a trip away from our small college town to the city of San Jose for groceries (because we can't get certain Asian foods here). We always go to Mitsuwa and sometimes both Mitsuwa and Marukai. Here is my face when we roamed the parking lot for 25 minutes before getting a parking spot. All the Asian uncles and aunties were coming to the market at the same time as us (note to self: it was rush hour; never again). 

This is my face during that ordeal: 

Okay, maybe I was a little more frustrated than that, but you can't be angry at the adorable aunties and uncles and grandmas and grandpas and little kids!! I was just relieved when we finally parked. 

We always stock up on tons of veggies, noodles, soup bases, seasonings, etc. But the most beautiful thing about Mitsuwa market is it's not JUST a super market. There are specialty shops all around the store! There's a specialty dessert spot, Kinokuniya Bookstore, Lupicia Tea Shop, and more. 

So I was walking by Lupicia's and spotted the most beautiful spring display of Cherry Blossom inspired teas. And I just HAD to try them after inhaling their lovely, sweet scent from the displays. There were a total of 5 Sakura-inspired teas, but I chose the bottom two which were the sweetest smelling ones.

よろこび "Happiness" Tea 
よろこび "Happiness" Tea Sample
Cerisier Tea Sample
I absolutely adore the cherry blossom shaped dishes!! They are so pretty and elegant and look so good with the tea leaves in them!! ♡ Aren't the tea leaves themselves just gorgeous?? I especially love the Happiness tea with the lovely pink petals in it. The Cerisier tea is also beautiful with the specks of pastel colored elements.

✿ Here's a better look at the tins ✿

✿ よろこび [yorokobi] "Happiness" Tea ✿

"A black tea with cherry leaves are scented with sweet strawberry flavor. Spring limited tea."
✿ Salted Cherry Leaves ✿ Rose Petals ✿ Strawberry flavoring ✿

✿ Cerisier Tea ✿ 

" This sweet-flavored decaffeinated black tea will remind you of cherry blossoms in the spring."
✿ Black Tea ✿ Sugar Crystals ✿ Heath Flower ✿

Little Heath Flower Buds

I really like both teas and do encourage that you try them out if you love sweet, fragrant teas. Do you drink tea regularly? What are you favorite kinds?

xoxoxo, Cindy⭐︎☽

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  1. This tea seems to be sooo good! (o*-*o)/♥ I've never tried those out, the best tea I've ever had was with rose blossoms, it tasted so nice!

    1. That sounds so wonderful!!!~ If you ever remember what it is, be sure to let me know ;D hahah thank you Amaya!!~

  2. The sakura berry tea seems so nice! Ahaha Im not normally keen on teas though, maybe I should start getting into it ;)


    1. Thanks Xuan, it really is!!~ You definitely should try it out :] It's very relaxing and makes you feel great <3

  3. Loving ur a liitle frustated face Cindy sissy...Hmmm i love lipton one,but actually i prefer to drink coffee ��

    1. Thaaaank you Wayuuuuu <3 What coffee do you prefer? I like coffee too!! :3


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