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Hi Lovelies!! Long long time no post!! 

Today I wanted to show you a bag I purchased recently: Kate Spade's "Alessa" in Berkeley Lane Porcelain!! I really love Kate Spade because the designs are so chic and perfect for young adults. They are also much more affordable than other high-end brand names. 

I seem to really like black and white bags :0 because my last Kate Spade bag is black and white also... I guess I'm not very adventurous lol. 

I love the top-handles design of this bag. It's also really easy to pair with any outfit. 
It comes with a black strap that you can attach to the sides for carrying the bag cross-body or by shoulder, which is REALLY handy. It looks quite cute when worn like that too. 

Alessa is currently going for $179 on the website!! It's on sale from the retail price of $378! 

Things don't have to cost an arm and a leg to look cute :3 
I also love to get bags from Forever 21 and other shops as well!

Fun Fact: Kate Spade does not actually design the KS bags anymore. She and her husband who started the company originally in 1997 and they left ten years later in 2007. The company has been taken over and run by Liz Claiborne since. 

This bag is made from genuine boar skin that's embossed with cowhide leather. I like that the bag is quite stiff because the shape is not lost over time.

One thing I did notice after using it for a long time, is that you can't put too much weight inside of it whilst using the shoulder strap. If you do, the weight of the things will drag down the bag, and the rounded shape will look a bit flattened because gravity is pulling down. This happened to me after I put in my iPad mini, a hardback novel, wallet, and other miscellaneous things.

Another thing that irked me at the beginning was the zipper functionality. It was a bit difficult to zip up the bag at first, but I think it's because of the stiff shape of the bag. After using it for a bit, one gets used to it.

What do you think of this bag? What's your favorite brand/look?
Thanks so much for reading as always!!

xoxoxo, Cindy⭐︎☽

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  1. Love your new bag Cindy! You can never go wrong with black and white and that bag is no exception!

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  2. this bag looks fantastic, simple and elegant **
    thanks for the post~

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  3. the bag looks elegant and simple


  4. The bag are so cuteee~~~ :)
    so lucky you got the bag, i also love kate spade bags


  5. Thank you so much! Glad you like it also.

  6. Thanks for reading Jurika!!~ Glad you like it!


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